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Inclusion: An Accessible Theme Park – Adreanna Tarwater CDO Director 

We are so fortunate to live in San Antonio where we can spend the day at Morgan’s Wonderland. Morgan’s Wonderland is the world’s first totally accessible theme park.  A father, Gordon Hartman, built the park after seeing his daughter, Morgan, struggling to play with other children.  He had a dream where children like Morgan could play next to other children and be totally included.  He made that dream a reality for so many families by building Morgan’s Wonderland.

There are so many places that we go as a family where our son, Nathan, is excluded. He is non-mobile and is not able to sit, so a lot of theme parks are out because he is excluded from the rides. At Morgan’s, he is able to rideall the rides along with his siblings.  Every ride/activity has been modified so that no child/adult regardless of need is excluded. Our Nathan’s favorite ride is the train.  He loves the swaying of the cars and especially thinks it is funny when the Conductor blows his horn. I n addition to the train, Morgan’s Wonderland has a ferris wheel, jeeps, swings, play-sets, and a carousel that are all wheelchair accessible.  They even have a sensory center, waterfeature area, and  outdoor music pavilion.  The super exciting news is that next summer they will be opening the world’s first accessible water park.  The most exciting part is that even children/adults in wheelchairs will be able to ride/play in the water park.  Make A Wish grants trips to Morgan’s.  Project Angel Fares also works to get adults and children to the park.