Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week is almost here!

Hi everyone –

It is almost here! Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week (RCDAW) begins June 2nd!

Many CDO members are organizing special events this week. We would love to know what you have planned too.   Let us know and we will post to our Facebook pages.

Would you like RCDAW flyers to help spread the word and increase awareness in your neighborhood, town or city?   These can even be personalized to include your favorite photo.   Please e-mail Kelly Paulson – kelly.paulson@chromodisorder.org for the flyer and instructions on how to add your child’s photo.

There is one super easy way to increase awareness this week – just visit our website – www.chromodisorder.org – and download the RCDAW logo and add it to your personal websites and blogs.  We even have the logo available in different languages!

Beautiful CDO awareness t-shirts are also now available – we are offering three different designs along with many other items through our www.zazzle.com/cdo_inc online store.

And in honor of Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week, CDO is giving away free RCDA bookmarks to our members. Please simply send a stamped self-addressed envelope to the address shown below to receive your free glossy bookmark.

Individually each of these chromosome changes is still considered rare. But we are gradually now learning these disorders actually may not be as rare as once believed. Please support Chromosome Disorder Outreach Inc., RCDAW, and our goals of increasing research, education and understanding. Together we are a strong force.

Chromosome Disorder Outreach Inc. P.O. Box 724 Boca Raton FL  33429-0724