CDO’s 15 Giving Days AND 15 Giving Ways


CDO’s 15 Days of Giving AND CDO’s 15 Ways of Giving

Chromosome disorders may affect 1 in 150 individuals.

Help CDO to always be there for those affected and their families by supporting our 15 Days of Giving Campaign.  Together we can do it!

1. CDO manages a Facebook group so members can share pictures, stories, and questions!
2. CDO offers personalized networking programs.  We work hard to match members with those who have the same or similar disorders, share medical conditions, and live in the same region.
3. The CDO Ask the Doctor service is available to all website visitors.
4. CDO maintains a library containing thousands of articles – we add up to 50 new articles monthly .
5. CDO employs consulting geneticists who answer personal inquiries and make referrals to additional resources.
6. CDO publishes a periodic newsletter.
7. CDO archives several years’ worth of newsletter issues that may be downloaded on demand from each member’s private CDO account.
8. CDO maintains an interactive website and is continually adding new resources to further help individuals and their families.
9. CDO offers personalized research services.
10. CDO monitors a telephone helpline 561.395.4252
11. CDO keeps a detailed database registry including medical and developmental symptoms allowing us to provide very real data (de-identified) to researchers
12. CDO raises awareness through Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week each June.
13. CDO creates a calendar of member artwork and photos every holiday season… highlighting the beautiful faces and the beautiful creations of these members.
14. CDO operates an online store to help raise awareness.
15. And most importantly… For 25 years CDO’s many programs have ensured that individuals and their families know they are never alone. Whether this diagnosis is received prenatally or when a patient is an adult – CDO will always be there to help.


10 Ways to Celebrate Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week


PURCHASE and wear with pride your new RCDAW t-shirt.

ORGANIZE a RCDAW event. The event organizer and their child receive free t-shirts. The event could be a “dress down for a dollar” day, bake sale, dine-around at a local restaurant (portion of proceeds to CDO), or something else.

PARTICIPATE in CDO’s sibling poetry contest. Send poems (with first name and age of author) to or post on our Facebook page. Winner receives a RCDAW t-shirt.

CUSTOMIZE the new RCDAW logo to include your child’s picture.

VISIT the CDO website for all the latest information and news…

SHARE the CDO link with Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

READ a book to your child that celebrates everyone… for example, Special People Special Ways by Arlene Maguire.

WRITE a letter to your congressperson expressing your support for the 21st Century Cures Act.

POST on Facebook or send a Tweet every day for the week describing how your child with a chromosome disorder is courageous, determined, optimistic, and more.

EMAIL information and a photo of your child to CDO at (diagnosis, likes, daily accomplishments, etc.). We will feature several children each day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter during the week of June 7-13.

Chromosome Disorder Outreach Inc. is a non-profit organization providing information and support to all those coping with a rare chromosome disorder diagnosis.  Whether this diagnosis is received prenatally or as an adult, CDO will always be there to help.